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DFCM Roofing Program

The DFCM Roofing Program is a statewide program that takes care of all state-owned roofing systems. Leaks and repairs as well as system replacements all run through this single program to ensure the State is getting the most out of its roofing dollars.

DFCM Roofing Design Requirements

Please find the DFCM Roofing Design Requirements to the right. Also, the following close out documents should be submitted to the project manager by the roofing contractor at the completion of all roofing projects. The project manager should submit these documents to the roofing program manager. A copy of these documents should also be kept in the project file and delivered to the agency.

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Pre-qualified Roofing Contractors
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Contractors Performing Leak Repairs

Any roofing contractors who are interested in doing leak repairs or other roof maintenance for the State of Utah should review and submit the Contractor Leak Repair Agreement Form. Additionally, once roofing work is complete, contractors need to use the Contractor Leak Repair Invoice Submission form to submit any invoices for payment.

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Contractor Leak Repair Invoice Submission Form
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Request a Roof Repair

Program Manager

Brandon Stokes | Roofing Program Manager

Agency Responsibility

All state agencies have the responsibility to assist in the inspection and care of the roofing systems for their facilities. If this extends beyond their capabilities, they should ask for assistance from the DFCM Roofing Program.

Agencies are responsible for evaluating their roof systems and notifying the DFCM if they feel the need for professional evaluation, preventive maintenance beyond their ability, or funding for replacement.

If you need help, please submit your request using the Agency Roof Maintenance and Leak Repair Request Form and we’ll be in contact with you shortly. Note that all the fields in this form are required.

Agency Roof Maintenance & Leak Repair Request Form

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    Please note: It is the reporting agency's responsibility to research and provide as much accurate information regarding the existing roofing system as possible. This information will be used to assist in selecting the appropriate manufacturer certified contractor. Unauthorized repair can/will void a manufacturer's warranty. Please assist us in protecting your building and roof by providing as much detail as possible.