Contractor Leak Repair

Roofing Program

Contractor’s Leak Repair Invoice Submission Form

Contractor’s who have completed any roof work for DFCM, please fill out this form and attach a photograph of the work completed and associated invoice. You can only attach two files (one photograph and one invoice.) If you have multiple invoices please combine them into one file before submitting them.

Agency Roof Maintenance & Leak Repair Request Form

    It is absolutely essential that the contractor make contact with someone at the building with the leak. We at DFCM need to know who you worked with on-site to get the job done and their phone number. Listing "Brandon Stokes" is unacceptable. We need to know that you contacted someone in the building where your work was performed, you worked with them, and that they know that the repair has been made. Failure to do so will significantly delay your payment.

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