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Find Hazardous Material in Unlikely Places

Prior to renovating or demolishing a state-owned building or structure, you may be subject to state and federal requirements. Oftentimes, there are hazardous materials hidden in places that the average person would think to check. For that reason, the DFCM Hazardous Materials Program exists.


  • Information and conference on federal, state and local compliance and reporting
  • Survey and assessment of the building, facility, or limited area scheduled for renovation or demolition
  • Selection of certified and qualified abatement and remediation contractors for the renovation or demolition
  • Selection of certified and qualified third-party environmental consultants for abatement, renovation, or demolition oversight as needed
  • Review requirements for record keeping
  • Containerizing, transport, and disposal of hazardous materials and wastes
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Program Manager

Aubrey Stapel | Hazardous Materials Program Manager

Agency Responsibility

The implicit function of the Statewide Facility Hazardous Materials program is to take a proactive approach to adherence of regulatory compliance requirements set forth by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976 and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) - Title 40. To make a request, please use the following form; the current services offered within the DFCM Hazardous Materials Program include but are not limited to:

  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Hazardous Material Survey, Inspection, Testing & Clearance Reporting
  • Hazardous Material Abatement Plan Design & Contractor Supervision
  • Containerizing, Transport and Disposal of Hazardous Materials & Wastes

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