Project Requests and Approvals

Construction Management

Current Projects

DFCM makes annual recommendations of capital development projects and allocates capital improvement funds to projects. This includes an analysis of the requested projects, validation of the project scope, and determination of the project budget. Each request is developed in consideration of the mission and growth needs of the agency or institution. DFCM also oversees the development of facility master plans and architectural programs. DFCM is responsible for administering the design and construction of all state projects costing more than $100,000. DFCM is charged with providing projects on time and within budget so that agencies and institutions can meet their obligations to the citizens of the State of Utah. See current and past lists below.

Capital Improvement

If a project's total budget is less than $3.5 million, or if the project is less than $500,000 of new space, or if it’s an infrastructure upgrade with a budget of less than $7.5M, it’s an improvement project. Any roofing, paving, hazmat, remodel, or even a new project that meets these criteria falls into this category. Work includes civil, utility, parks, courts, jails, armories, schools, general, mechanical, and electrical.
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Capital Development

Conversely, if a project's total budget exceeds $3.5 million, or if it adds more than $500,000 in new space, or if it’s an infrastructure project with a budget greater than $7.5M, it's a capital development project. Most remodels and new construction projects fall into this category and include schools, courthouses, prisons, health clinics, office buildings, laboratories, research facilities, and parks.

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Five-Year Building Publications

To learn more about our Five-year Building Program, as well as download publications, please click the link.

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