Mike Ambre – New DFCM Director

May 9, 2024

Dear DFCM friends,  

It is with great pleasure that I announce following a formal search, Mike Ambre has been selected as the new Director of the Division of Facilities and Construction Management! 

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Mike for a very impressive 24 year (so far) career at DFCM, which began with him painting curbs for a summer job at the state Capitol. Over the years since then Mike has accepted a series of new and more challenging assignments which have prepared him perfectly for this new role. 

You all know Mike better than anyone else in the state family so you know of his dedication, work ethic, knowledge of the construction industry, ability to communicate well, decisiveness, honesty, and integrity. Mike is well respected across the state, has the full support of the Governor’s Office, and will be an excellent ambassador for DFCM and GovOps. 

So you are aware, as we begin a formal transition period to a new Director, I committed to Mike that I would establish a transition team and invite professionals from the industry, state agencies, higher education, and other stakeholders to assemble and evaluate all aspects of DFCM, its services, structure, and leadership. This evaluation will occur over the coming months and will help inform Mike on developing a pathway forward for his leadership of the division. I invite each of you to engage in this conversation as it develops. 

Please join me in warmly welcoming Mike to his new role!

Best regards, 


Marvin Dodge
DGO Executive Director