Executive Residence Commission Announces Master Plan for Kearns Mansion

October 20, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY (Oct. 20, 2022) – The Executive Residence Commission (ERC) has recommended a master plan for the historic Kearns Mansion on South Temple street in Salt Lake City. Historically, the mansion has been home for sitting Utah governors and their families. Additionally, it is used to host frequent state events and is open for public tours.

“We are pleased to formally recommend this plan, which came about after many months of diligent research and discussion,” stated Jesselie Anderson, chair of the commission. “This is a strategic, long-term plan that will protect this historic building and implement important security measures for the future first families, and for all who visit the mansion.”

The Executive Residence Commission, which is made up of private citizens and state employees, began the process of developing a master plan in the summer of 2020. The goal of the commission is to preserve the historical integrity of the mansion and to address necessary operation and maintenance needs.

“The master plan represents a long-term thoughtful approach to preserve this state treasure for years to come,” said Jim Russell, Director of the Division of Facilities and Construction Management. “We have appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with ERC on this very important project.”

The plan will guide the care of the Kearns Mansion and surrounding grounds over the next 50 years and represents a coordinated effort between the Executive Residence Commission, the Division of Facilities and Construction Management and the Department of Public Safety. Priority improvement and maintenance projects will take several years to complete and will benefit future first families and the public for years to come.

“I appreciate the thoughtful collaboration that has gone into this master plan,” said Jess Anderson, Public Safety Commissioner. “In an uncertain world, we must be diligent in protecting those who will live in the People’s House, citizens and guests who visit, and those who live in the surrounding area. The Department of Public Safety has been honored to participate in the development of this plan to ensure the safety of all those who enter.”

Private citizens who serve on the Executive Residence Commission are Jesselie Anderson, David Baird, Ellie Sontag, Gloria Kummer, Shalae Larsen, and Steve Goodwin. State employees include Jennifer Ortiz with the Division of State History, Victoria Bourns with the Division of Art and museums, and Jenney Rees with the Department of Government Operations.
For questions, contact Marilee Richins at mprichins@utah.gov or 385-315-1290.