Facilities Management

Statewide Facilities Management

  • Facilities Management provides comprehensive building maintenance and management services to State agencies as requested. These services are comprised of several different sections within the organization,
  • each with their own specialty, all working together to meet the needs of both the tenant agencies and the State building asset. These sections consist of the following:

  • Maintenance Personnel

    Management and maintenance personnel oversee building management efforts and provide direct maintenance to the buildings and associated equipment

  • Central Support Services

    Central Support Services provide internal contracting and accounting support

  • Energy Management and Electronics Resources

    Energy Management and Electronics Resources provide energy conservation measures and support for all automated building systems

  • Wide Array of Services

    Facilities Management offers a wide array of services related to building operation. Many tenant agencies request full service management agreements, but services can be tailored to the individual needs of each location.


Our Facilities

DFCM manages over 200 state-owned buildings that are divided into 9 separate campuses.
Click below for building-specific details including address, square footage, building ID numbers, and pictures.

DFCM Complex Map

Each of the properties that DFCM maintains is highlighted in yellow on this Google map. Zoom in and out, drag around the map and find the property you're looking for. Once you find it, click on it to see which complex it belongs to and other building details.