Energy Efficiency Fund

The State Facility Energy Efficiency Fund (SFEEF) was established in fiscal year 2008 to provide the State Building Energy Efficiency Program with a revolving loan fund from which agencies and institutions can borrow to complete energy efficiency improvement projects. Repayment of the loan is achieved by capturing cost savings from reduced energy use and demand and by capturing utility incentives. Borrowed funds are paid back into the SFEEF so that it can be lent out again. The fund total is $2.15 million. Funding requests must be approved by the SBEEP Manager and the Utah State Building Board. State funded institutions or agencies interested in applying for SFEEF should contact David Griffin-Energy Program Manager to discuss available funding and project specifics.

David Griffin
Energy Program Manager

Building Board Application (.doc)

State Facility Energy Efficiency Fund- Utah Administrative Services Code

State Facility Energy Efficiency Fund- Administrative Rules