The Taylorsville State Office Building Project

The Taylorsville State Office Building (TSOB) marks an important transition in how the State of Utah delivers space. Renovation of the building is the first significant step in modernizing the State's spaces to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, comfort and a better overall employee experience, while remaining fiscally responsible. Work environments at the Taylorsville State Office Building apply the State of Utah's new space standards across modern workplace designs that have been developed based on substantial research and input from employees and leaders.

As a result, the new environments in the Taylorsville State Office Building are matched to how our employees work and also build on broader changes that have occurred over the past several decades including increased mobility, teleworking, collaboration, and digitization. The new work environments are built with change in mind and are flexible enough to accommodate further shifts to mobility, teleworking, and collaboration.

Based on early reports from groups having moved into the building in January 2020, the space is performing well with a significant majority of users reporting high satisfaction and a preference for the new work environments.
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Photographs courtesy of CRSA Architects | Robert Holman photographer

Building Occupants

TSOB 4th Floor
Department of Technology Services

TSOB 3rd Floor
Department of Administrative Services, Career Service Review Office

TSOB 2nd Floor
Utah Insurance Department, Division of Emergency Management, Department of Human Resource Management

TOSB 1st Floor
Reception, mico-mart, Department of Technology Services infrastructure, Division of Finance Office of State Debt Collection & Disbursement Window, small and large meeting/training rooms

Annex 2nd Floor
Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Fitness Facility

Annex 1st Floor

Providing Safe & Productive Environments during COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an acceleration of remote and flexible work patterns. Many of us envision a future that involves remote work in the long-term and social distancing while the pandemic persists. TSOB is designed as an activity-based work environment with flexibility and long-term effectiveness in mind. The new building and the State’s new standards provide sufficient flexibility to accommodate our shifting needs often with little change. The following aspects of the TSOB are key to its flexibility and longevity:

  • TSOB spaces provide a wide-range of environments to support different work patterns simultaneously, and with little alteration of space. Activity-based work environments currently allow colleagues with dramatically different work styles (e.g. mobility, collaboration, privacy needs...) to work in the same space seamlessly.
  • The functionality of many spaces can be altered often with furniture changes (e.g. changing an office to a meeting room), or protocols (e.g. changing an assigned workstation to a touchdown workstation).
  • All spaces, though customized for specific groups draw from a consistent palate of space designs that can be flexibly applied and changed to fit needs
  • The generous size and spacing of workstations allow for a moderate level of density and good social distancing to support greater safety during the pandemic – the majority of spaces are not significantly smaller than spaces in other State environments.
Typical Small Conference Room
Typical Assigned Workstation 48-64SF
Open Collaboration

Your Involvement

Development of the Taylorsville State Office Building (TSOB) has provided a terrific opportunity to rethink and modernize the State of Utah’s work environments. TSOB’s work environments serve as a model for how we deliver space across our many locations. Employee engagement and interest in the development of our new environments has been invaluable. Input from across State of Utah agencies has resulted in a number of innovations, and high levels of satisfaction with spaces built in Phase 1 of TSOB construction.

what we did

Interviewed Agency Leadership

We interviewed 30 leaders to gain valuable insight into how they run their business

Ran Workshops

We ran workshops with 150 state agency employees to better understand your specific needs

Post-Occupancy Assessment

We ran focus groups and surveyed colleagues working in the building, to apply learnings to the design of other spaces

Surveyed Employees

We surveyed 600+ state employees to ensure that everyone had a voice at the table

Fine-tuned Design

We have worked closely with department steering teams to fine-tune design and all aspects of the workplace

what we learned

Our Work has Evolved

As the decades have come and gone, our work has changed but our work spaces have stayed the same

We're Much More Mobile

We are now more mobile, collaborative, and tech-dependent and we expect more from our work environments

Our Work Space Needs Have Changed

We have a more complex range or work place needs, from highly social to quiet zones, and spaces to meet, focus, and recharge

Increased Need to Support Teleworkers

With the growth of the New Workplace Program, we have an opportunity to rethink how to best support a teleworking workforce

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Taylorsville State Office Building


Project Location
4315 South 2700 West
Taylorsville, UT 84129

Project Budget

Project Manager
Darrell Hunting

Estimated Completion Date
Fiscal Year 2023

CRSA Architecture

General Contractor
Big-D Construction