The Taylorsville State Office Building Project

Time to Move!

Accessing TSOB on 1/27

We will have access to the building from 6am to 10pm daily through the main entrance only, in the three weeks following the move. During this period we will not have a functional badge system.

To access the building on 1/27, please enter at the main entrance and show your current State ID at the security station. Security will have a list of employees who are permitted to enter. Employees will be directed to elevators to access the 3rd floor. Visitors will need to be escorted up to the 3rd floor by security or a DAS employee.

Upon taking control of the badging system, access will be available to the building through multiple entrances. Hours of access will be determined by job function.

Move Plan

We are currently planning on moving in two groups starting on 1/23. Our materials and technology will be moved on 1/23 and 1/24, and our technology will be connected over the weekend for functionality on 1/27.

Group 1 – Last day at SOB 1/22

  • CRSO
  • EDO
  • DCFM
  • Fleet/HR
  • Purchasing
Group 2 – Last day at SOB 1/23

  • DTS/AGs
  • Risk + Admin Rules
  • Finance

Each group should plan to leave the SOB at the end of the day listed above and return to work at their new location in TSOB on 1/27. Everyone must complete packing and labeling their materials by end-of-day on their move day. Please leave your laptops behind on our move day. DTS will be testing all laptops for network and printing connectivity at TSOB during the move.

DAS employees will be granted administrative leave at the discresion of the Division Directorduring their move period unless they are currently an approved teleworker. Please contact your move coordinator or Division leadership for details regarding your move, and any special circumstances requiring you to take your laptop.

Packing Technology and Equipment

  • Computers/Monitors – DTS will prepare, disconnect and pack your computer (desktop and/or laptop) and monitor for the move. Please label your computer base/docking station, laptop (or laptop cover) hardware bags and monitor covers, and leave them on your desk.

  • Scanners + Shredders – DTS will not move Scanners and Shredders, please label these for the general move and put the cord in a Tote.

  • Refrigerators – Refrigerators are allowed in TSOB based on medical need only. Please label refrigerators for the general move.

  • Other (e.g. chair mats) – Please label all other office equipment or boxes that you want moved to TSOB.

Design Elements

Our design team has been working closely with Steering Committees from each agency to plan and customize their space. This has been an exciting opportunity to envision and plan our new environments. Your input in interviews, surveys and workshops has been vital to this process. Based on what you’ve collectively expressed, our space is being designed to distinguish agencies while remaining fluid, ensure the ability to do focused work, include a wide-range of conference room sizes, provide spaces for private conversations, bring natural light to all employees, allow us to interact socially, and create a fun environment and a vibrant employee experience.

The pictures below contain some of the design elements that are steering the project. These are examples of the overall look and feel of what our future spaces may look like. As you can tell, our future spaces will look and feel different than what we currently have, and will require getting used to. Much more detail about these spaces is coming soon as we zero in on furniture options and overall look and feel. Stay tuned for information-sharing sessions, trainings and orientations in the months ahead to familiarize us with the new environments.

Project Schedule

We’re excited to let you know that the majority of groups within DAS have been selected for Phase 1 moves, which will take place in late January 2020. More specifically the first move will include: Administrative Rules, Career Services Review Office, DAS-EDO, DFCM, Finance, Fleet, Purchasing, and Risk Management. Attorney General and Human Resources staff who reside with these groups will also move in Phase 1.

The inclusion of these groups in Phase 1 was ultimately based on their agency-wide readiness to transition to the new location. Each agency’s square footage requirements, adjacency needs and constraints, remote work adoption and other specific factors were considerations in the move sequencing. We are continuing to work with DEM, UID, DHRM, PLPCO, UDAF and DTS, to best sequence their moves across Phases 2 and 3.

We will be providing detailed information about the move process to the agencies in Phase 1 to ensure full preparedness. We will communicate and support you in determining what to move, what to purge and how and when to pack. Please stay tuned for information on these items in the coming months.

Project Schedule

Click around to see who will be doing what and when as this project progresses into the spring of 2021

Your Involvement

The SOB is a terrific opportunity to rethink and modernize our spaces. When finished, the SOB’s work environments will serve as a model for how we deliver space for locations all over the State. Your engagement and interest in the process has been nothing short of remarkable and we are grateful for your input in shaping our future spaces.

what we did

Interviewed Agency Leadership

We interviewed 25 leaders to gain valuable insight into how they run their business

Ran Workshops

We ran workshops with 120 state agency employees to better understand your specific needs

Surveyed Employees

We surveyed 549 state employees to ensure that everyone had a voice at the table

Fine-tuned Design

We began in-depth conversations with department steering teams to fine-tune design

what we learned

Our Work has Evolved

As the decades have come and gone, our work has changed but our work spaces have stayed the same

We're Much More Mobile

We are now more mobile, collaborative, and tech-dependent and we expect more from our work environments

Our Work Space Needs Have Changed

We have a more complex range or work place needs, from highly social to quiet zones, and spaces to meet, focus, and recharge

Increased Need to Support Teleworkers

With the growth of Utah Works, we have an opportunity to rethink how to best support a teleworking workforce

  • TSOB
  • TSOB
Taylorsville State Office Building


Project Location
4315 South 2700 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84184

Project Budget

Project Managers
Sarah Boll
Brent Walton

Estimated Completion Date
January 15, 2020

General Contractor
Big-D Construction

CRSA Architecture