New Utah State Correctional Facility

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Site Air Quality

Mar 26, 2023 01:00 PM

0.9 µg/m3

PM 2.5

0.041 ppm


WNW 4.7 mph


Color References

Green air days

PM 2.5 limits: 0 – 12.0 μg/m3

Ozone limits: 0 – 0.054 ppm

Yellow air days

PM 2.5 limits: 12.1 – 35.4 μg/m3

Ozone limits: 0.055 – 0.070 ppm

Orange air days

PM 2.5 limits: 35.5 – 55.4 μg/m3

Ozone limits: 0.071 – 0.085 ppm

Red air days

PM 2.5 limits: 55.5 – 150.4 μg/m3

Ozone limits: 0.086 – 0.105 ppm



This video shows the the amount of utility infrastructure that is part of the project as well as a general update of construction progress.

Haul Road Construction

Michael Ambre, DFCM Assistant Director and Project Manager, explains how the State had to build a road to access the site before work could begin

The Need for a New Facility

Rollin Cook, UDC Executive Director, explains some of the challenges that the current prison presents and why it makes sense to build a new facility