DFCM Paving Program

All paving projects must adhere to the minimum standard set by DFCM. To the right, please find an excerpt of DFCM's complete Design Requirements that outlines the State's paving criteria. These standards ensure that the State's paved assets comply with industry standards and meet the needs of Utah citizens for decades to come.

All state paving projects must comply with all ADA regulations


Request Paving Service

Agency Responsibility

All state agencies are responsible for monitoring the health of their parking lots. If you notice cracks in your pavement, potholes, faded striping, or other obvious wear and tear, it is your responsibility to relay this information to DFCM.

To request help with your pavement, please fill out the Paving Service Request Form to the right and a representative from our Paving Program will be back in contact with you shortly.

Note: if possible, please attach an optional photograph. This allows us to better assess the problem.

Paving Service Request Form

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    Tim Christensen
    Paving Program Manager

    (385)226-2422 | timchristensen@utah.gov