Construction Management


The Construction Management section of DFCM is responsible for constructing state facilities. After buildings are approved and funded by the Utah State Legislature, the Construction Management Team is responsible for the following:
  • Establish Capital Budget Estimate (CBE)

    support agency/institution through funding process

  • Architect or Engineer Procurement

    value-based, pre-qualified, and direct award

  • Construction Procurement

    CMGC, Design-Build, Construction VBS and Pre-qualified

  • Value Management

    collaborate to provide best value to the State

  • Oversee Design and Construction

    manage projects from inception to closeout

  • Operations & Maintenance Training

    work with agency/institution to ensure a smooth transition

  • Monitor Warranty Period

    conduct 11th month warranty inspections

  • High Performance Building Standard

    ensure the State's buildings meet energy industry standards

  • Provide Support

    Governor's Office, Building Board, and Legislature

Capital Improvement

If a project's total budget is less than $3.5 million, or if the project is less than $500,000 of new space, or if it's an infrastructure upgrade with a budget of less than $7.5M, it's an improvement project. Any roofing, paving, hazmat, remodel, or even a new project that meets these criteria falls into this category. Work includes civil, utility, parks, courts, jails, armories, schools, general, mechanical, and electrical.
NEW FY2022 Funded Capital Improvement Projects


Capital Development

Conversely, if a project's total budget exceeds $3.5 million, or if it adds more than $500,000 in new space, or if it's an infrastructure project with a budget greater than $7.5M, it's a capital development project. Most remodels and new construction projects fall into this category and include schools, courthouses, prisons, health clinics, office buildings, laboratories, research facilities, and parks.
NEW FY2022 Funded Capital Development Projects

New Utah State Correctional Facility

See how the new Utah State Correctional Facility project is progressing.

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Get pre-qualified to work on this historic project!

DFCM Standard Construction Documents

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New Construction Pay Application

We've redesigned our pay application. We put all the pay applications you'll ever fill out during a project into one file then linked them all together. Now, after you input information the first time, it'll trickle down to all the subsequent applications!

Once you download the file and open it, be sure to click the "Enable Editing" button on that gold bar in Excel. Because you downloaded the file from the internet, you need to click that button to gain full functionality.
New 24-month Pay Application(for smaller capital improvement projects)
New 60-month Pay Application(for larger capital development projects)
All new contracts will be required to use this pay application in order to receive payment. If you have questions about the form, please reach out to your DFCM project manager.