July 2021 New Utah State Correctional Facility Update

When we began the process of building a new prison, we knew there would be some unique challenges.  Some of those challenges include environmental concerns, cooperation from multiple stake holders, communication and consistency. Alongside our partners from BDK (program manager), GSBS/HOK Architects and Layton/Okland Joint Venture we have tried our best to navigate each and every challenge that presents itself. The project is roughly 70% complete with 8 out of 30 buildings receiving Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.  All of the offsite infrastructure including 7 miles of waterlines, redundant 135 KV powerlines, 12 miles of sewer lines, 2 sewer pump stations, 8” high-pressure gas line and 6 miles of roads are complete. 

The new facility has incorporated many new operational changes from their existing facility. Some of these changes include food preparation and dining, direct supervision and much more programming opportunities for inmates to improve their lives. Along with operational changes there were also opportunities to improve maintaining the facility in the future. Lots of thought went into mechanical chases and access for maintenance personnel. With five and a half years behind us we are tracking to be complete beginning of third quarter 2022.