July 2021 TSOB Update

The Taylorville State Office Building (TSOB) marks several significant milestones for the State of Utah. The building represents a new approach to workplace strategy and design, and introduces a set of new, efficient and more functional space standards that will extent across the State’s future buildings. TSOB has been under renovation since Summer of 2019 and is slated for completion and full occupancy in 2023. In the near future, TSOB and the nearby Calvin Rampton and Unified State Lab buildings, will expand the area into a more robust center for State government and public services. In developing TSOB, DFCM has relied on extensive engagement with State employees and as a result TSOB substantially raises the bar on employee experience and building performance for Utah and beyond. The innovations at TSOB will have lasting impact on productivity, flexibility and the State’s ability to compete for talent.

Within a year, several large Departments and Divisions settled into their new locations in TSOB, they include:

  • Department of Administrative Services
  • Department of Human Resource Management
  • Division of Emergency Management
  • Department of Technology Services
  • Third District Juvenile Court
  • Utah Department of Agriculture and Food
  • Utah Insurance Department

Planning and design is also underway for the inclusion of groups from Department of Human Services, additional groups from Department of Public Safety, and several customer facing entities.

In developing TSOB, DFCM has relied on an integrated workplace strategy and design process specifically crafted to leverage employee input and drive workplace change. In all more than 800 State employees across fifteen Departments and Divisions have provided input through surveys, conversations and workshops, ultimately helping to develop the vision for future environments at TSOB. The resulting environments at TSOB employ strategies that maximize individual productivity, group collaboration and the overall social environment. Feedback from the building’s new occupants show a substantial increase in satisfaction and improved productivity.

Beyond the vastly improved workplace experience, TSOB also provides the State with unprecedented flexibility for the future. Building on employee mobility patterns and integrating the State’s “New Workplace” Telework program, TSOB provides the flexibility to support shifting patterns toward greater hybrid and virtual work. While all spaces are customized for their respective occupants, TSOB employs a common space toolkit for all groups, which was developed based on employee input. The new standards allow spaces to be reconfigured quickly and efficiently to serve shifting purposes and future occupants. In addition, the expanded variety of environments provide a level of choice to employees that will ensure the space remains adaptive and relevant as work processes and technology evolve in the years to come.

Moving forward we intent to expand on the approach and standards developed for TSOB to further improve the experience and productivity of our State employees while driving greater efficiency across our office portfolio. We welcome inquiries about the TSOB building as we work with our real estate, design and construction community to innovate in the coming years.