About DFCM

provide professional services to assist State entities in meeting their facility needs for the benefit of the public
The Utah Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM) was established in 1981.
DFCM is comprised of 190 full-time employees across the State who maintain state-owned buildings, manage construction projects, inspect buildings, facilitate real-estate acquisitions and manage leases, and provide a range of other support services.
DFCM has jurisdiction over 3,785 buildings across the State. These include state agency buildings; all of higher ed which includes universities, community colleges, and technology colleges; and the Utah State Fair Park. These buildings have a combined estimated value of over 12 billion dollars.


Construction & Maintenance

DFCM is responsible for all aspects of construction and maintenance of state buildings


DFCM develops recommendations for capital development projects and allocating capital improvement funds

Oversee Leases

DFCM oversees all non-higher education and non-judicial branch leases

Allocation of Space

DFCM controls the allocation of State-owned space