Utah Department of Administrative Services

ESCO Projects

Energy Services Companies (ESCO)

Larger campuses have the potential to bundle energy efficiency projects to maximize their impact without using State funds through Energy Saving Performance Contracts with guaranteed savings from Energy Services Companies (ESCO). An ESCO project uses third party financing; the typical funding source is a tax exempt municipal lease/purchase. Payment to the contractor is made through a guaranteed stream of future energy cost savings. The project is self-funded and does not require state appropriations to proceed. This public-private partnership provides an agency or institution with the following:

  • A campus wide energy audit
  • Prioritization of energy projects relative to payback and maintenance needs
  • An expedited project timeline to receive more immediate energy savings
  • Bundled energy projects and cohesive project management
  • A funding vehicle for needed infrastructure upgrades


Salt Lake Community College ESCO Phase 2 Chiller 

 Installation of a new 400 ton VFD chiller in the Science and Industry Building.

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